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 * This file is part of dds2tar.
 * Copyright by J"org Weule

extern int dds_scsi2logical(void);
extern int dds_bsr(void);
extern void dds_read_block(void);
extern void dds_read_next_block(void);
extern int dds_getpos(int const dev);
extern int dds_seek(int const dev ,int const blkno);
extern int dds_get_bs(void);
extern int dds_read_ahead(void);

extern int dds_has_partitions(int const dev);

#define DDSCM_NULL -1
#define DDSCM_OFF 0
#define DDSCM_ON 1
#define DDSCM_QUERY 2
#define DDSCM_LOG 3
#define DDSCM_LOAD 4
#define DDSCM_UNLOAD 5
#define DDSCM_FILENO 6
#define DDSCM_WHERE 8

extern void set_compression_mode(int _device, const int _mode);

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