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 * This file is part of dds2tar.
 * Copyright by J"org Weule

 * Please change the value ST_BUFFER_BLOCKS at the top of the Makefile
 * on error with these lines.
#include "/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/st_options.h"


#include <sys/param.h>

#define UNKNOWN 0
#define HP 1
#define SONY 1
#define SEGATE 2
#define ARCHIVE 2
#define EXABYTE 2

extern const char dds_headline[];
extern const char dds_index_format[];
extern const char dds_index_scan_format[];
extern const char dds_old_headline[];
extern const char dds_old_index_format[];
extern const char dds_old_index_scan_format[];
extern const char dds_loctext[];
extern const char dds_locline1[];
extern const char dds_locline2[];
extern int dds_set_bs(int);
extern char vendor[9];
extern int vid; /* vendor ID */

 * It's faster to read some records than to skip over them,
 * if the number is smaller then DONT_SKIP.
 * I really don't know the right number here.
#define DONT_SKIP ((cur_n>0)?((int)(1024/cur_n)):((int)(1024/buf_n)))

typedef union {
      char    chrptr[512];
      struct {
            char    name[100];
            char    dummy1[24];
            char    size[12];
            char    mtime[12];
            char    dummy2[8];
            char    linkflag;
            char    dummy3[100];
            char    magic[8];


#define LF_LONGLINK 'K'
#define LF_LONGNAME 'L'

extern int tar_fb;
extern int tar_bs;
extern int tar_n;

extern tar_record *cur_block;
extern int cur_blkno;
extern int next_blkno;
extern int cur_n;
extern int cur_bs;
extern int buf_n;
extern int force_nochk;

extern char *cur_line;

extern int hash_mode;
extern int quick_mode;
extern int device;
extern int verbose;
extern int list_only;
extern FILE *index_fp;
extern int write_body;
extern int long_name_len;
extern char long_name[MAXPATHLEN<<2];

extern char* dds_quote(char*str);
extern int dds_unquote(char*str);

extern int dds_index(void);
extern int dds_cmp(char const *const *pattern);
extern int rt_line(
                    int *const ptr_blkno,
                    int *const ptr_recno,
                    int *const ptr_size,
                    char **const ptr_name
extern int rt_loc_line(void);
extern int extract_loc(char const *const *);

#ifdef  EXP_STUFF
extern int tar_dds(int const, char const *const *const);


extern int dds_is_tar_header_record(tar_record*const);

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